Some Clothing Items That Are Seriously Pointless

By Yonce'

December 15, 2018

Unless you’re Lady Gaga, pants are incredibly useful. Same with t-shirts, jackets and the rest — each clothing item in our closets serves an important function. But every now and then, you stumble upon a piece of clothing that just baffles the mind. You find yourself stopping and thinking, “Why was this even made?” You immediately want to turn to the closest person and ask, “Why would anyone ever wear this?”

We understand. So we’ve thought long and hard about the stupidest, most impractical clothing items we’ve ever encountered, the items that leave us wondering just why they still exist. Behold, the 13 most pointless items of clothing ever.

Toe socks

For me thats totally useless.

Do you really need to make sure that every single toe is bundled? First of all, how long does it take to put on those foot gloves? Second of all, regular socks will do just fine.

A sleeveless hoodie

No idea about when could we wear this. 

A hoodie is supposed to keep you warm, right? That’s why we are confused as to why someone would wear this “Sleeveless Camo Ninja Hoodie.” Why would you want your head warm but not your arms?

Arm warmers

No words.

If it’s cold enough to need arm warmers, you should probably just wear sleeves.

The capri sweatpant


Ideally, sweatpants are to be worn to keep your legs warm, right? With the capri sweatpant, your calves are left out in the cold, literally.


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